The Ultimate 66-Piece Tool Kit for UTV Enthusiasts

The UTV tool kit, designed by SR1 Performance and offered by BOXO USA, is a comprehensive 66-piece tool set specifically tailored for the UTV market, including popular models such as Polaris RZR and CanAm. With its durable construction and thoughtful organization, this UTV Tool Roll aims to provide off-road enthusiasts with a reliable solution to tackle repairs on the trails.

During my recent off-road adventures, I had the opportunity to put the BOXO USA UTV Tool Roll to the test. The roll’s high-quality Cordura Nylon construction ensured that my tools remained securely organized and free from rattling, even on the most rugged terrains. I appreciated the inclusion of two tool pouches, one with an expanded socket set and another removable pouch for additional tools. This allowed me to have all the necessary tools within reach, making repairs quick and hassle-free.

I also found the labeled pockets to be incredibly useful, as they made it easy to locate specific tools without rummaging through the entire roll. The external straps and durable metal spring buckles provided added security, ensuring that my tools stayed in place throughout my journey. Despite the compact size of the tool roll, it managed to fit all the essential tools I needed, making it convenient to carry in my rig or vehicle.

Comprehensive UTV Tool Set

UTV tool kit

Designed specifically for the UTV market, the BOXO USA UTV Tool Roll for Side by Side, Polaris RZR, CanAm, UTV, and Truck (Tool Roll) is a 66-piece tool set. Hand-picked by hard-core enthusiasts, this tool kit is equipped to handle most repairs on the trails. The Tool Roll 2.0, now with a Chrome Adjustable Wrench, is designed for the Powersports, Motorsports, and Recreational vehicle markets. With its comprehensive set of tools, this kit provides a simple solution for tackling most jobs.

Easy Organization and Durability

UTV tool kit

The UTV tool kit is stitched from high-quality Cordura Nylon to ensure your tools stay organized and rattle-free. It features two tool pouches, one sewn to the roll with the expanded socket set, and a removable velcro pouch for additional tools. The external straps and durable metal spring buckles enhance the security of your tools. The 24-tool pockets are labeled with the respective tool names, making finding the tool you need easy. Plus, the optional torque wrench pockets add extra versatility to the kit.

Designed for Off-Road Enthusiasts

UTV tool kit

Every off-road enthusiast will find the BoxoUSA Tool Roll perfect for their needs. Loaded with the most commonly used tools, this kit meets the high standards of the mobile and professional-grade tool market. It is specifically designed to withstand the outdoor elements, making it durable for any off-road adventure. Additionally, its compact size allows it to fit virtually anywhere in your rig or vehicle, ensuring you always have the tools you need on hand.

UTV tool kit: Extensive Tool Selection

UTV tool kit

Covering various repair needs, the BOXO USA UTV tool kit includes a wide range of tools. It features 1/4″ and 3/8″ drive sockets, spark plug sockets, metric combination wrenches, Allen hex key set, Torx key set, screwdrivers, locking plier, needle nose plier, adjustable wrench, hand ratchets, breaker bar, extensions, ball peen hammer, tire pressure gauge, tire valve, and more. The roll also comes with a removable velcro tool pouch for additional items. With this extensive tool selection, you’ll be well-equipped for any repairs or emergencies.

UTV tool kit: Dimensions and Portability

UTV tool kit
UTV Tool Roll

With 18″ L x 7″ W dimensions, the BOXO USA UTV tool kit is compact and easy to carry. Whether you have limited space in your UTV, truck, or other vehicle, this tool roll can fit virtually anywhere. Its roll-up design ensures easy storage and portability. Please note that the torque wrench is sold separately.

UTV tool kit: Mixed Customer Reviews

UTV Tool Roll

It is important to consider different perspectives, even though the BOXO USA UTV Tool Roll has received mixed reviews from customers. One customer mentioned that the tools are not of the highest quality but still serve the purpose of being a good emergency tool kit to have in any off-road vehicle or vehicle in general. Another customer, however, expressed disappointment in the quality of the tools, stating that they appear to be poor, cheap Chinese tools. It is worth noting that the price point of this tool roll allows for a comprehensive set of tools, but individual preferences for quality may vary.


  • Designed with the UTV market in mind for your Polaris, RzR, or CanAM, this product provides a toolset specifically tailored to the needs of off-road enthusiasts.
  • The bag is stitched from high-quality Cordura Nylon, ensuring your tools stay organized and rattle-free during off-road adventures.
  • Loaded with the most commonly used tools in the Powersports, Motorsports, and Recreational vehicle market, making it a versatile and convenient solution for tackling most repairs on the trails.


  • Some customers have found that the tools included in the kit are not of the highest quality, mentioning that they are cheap and may not last long.
  • The price of $385.00 may be considered expensive by some customers, especially considering the quality of the tools included.
  • One customer mentioned that going to a hardware store and purchasing better quality tools with a roll bag for the same price is possible.


In conclusion, the BOXO USA UTV Tool Roll surpassed my expectations with its practical design and durability. While it may not boast the highest quality tools, it certainly offers great value for its price. Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or simply looking for a reliable toolset to have in your vehicle, this tool roll is a worthwhile investment. With its comprehensive tool selection and convenient organization, the BOXO USA UTV Tool Roll ensures that you’re well-equipped to handle most repairs and emergencies on the trails.

Questions & Answers: UTV tool kit

Question: Are the tools in the kit durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements?

Answer: Yes, the BoxoUSA Tool Roll has been tested and proven durable for outdoor use, ensuring that your tools will withstand the rigors of off-road use.

Question: Can the tool roll fit in any vehicle or rig?

Answer: Yes, the tool roll’s compact size makes it easy to fit virtually anywhere in your rig or vehicle, providing convenient storage and accessibility for your tools.

Question: Is the tool roll compatible with a torque wrench?

Answer: The tool roll does not include a torque wrench, but it does feature optional torque wrench pockets, allowing you to add this tool to your kit if needed.

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