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Polaris Extended Warranty
Polaris warranty

Are you looking to extend the warranty on Your Polaris RZR, Ranger, General, Expedition, ATV, or Slingshot? Then look no further!

Side X Side Nation is thrilled to announce its partnership with  Ball Equipment to provide our members with a discounted Polaris Warranty. This exciting collaboration brings our valued members new assurance and peace of mind. With the rugged nature of off-road adventures and the demands placed on Polaris vehicles, having an extended warranty is a game-changer. Ball Equipment’s renowned reputation for exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction perfectly aligns with our values at Side X Side Nation. Now, members can enjoy their Polaris rides with the added confidence that a Polaris Extended warranty will cover most unexpected issues.

Together, we look forward to delivering an even more extraordinary off-road experience for all members!

Why you should get your Polaris extended warranty from Ball Equipment:

  • They offer the absolute lowest price on factory extended warranties since 2011.
  • Hassle-Free Quote:  The promise of a “ Free No-hassle ” quote indicates that getting a price estimate for your extended warranty won’t require a complicated or lengthy process, making it easier for you to make an informed decision. Just fill out the quote request below.
  • Polaris Factory Service: Factory-trained service and Polaris Engineered Parts at all 1,500+ Polaris Dealers in North America.
  • Peace of Mind: An extended warranty can provide peace of mind to vehicle owners, knowing they are protected against unexpected repairs and potential costly breakdowns beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Coverage Extension: The standard manufacturer’s warranty typically has limitations in terms of time and mileage. An extended warranty can extend the coverage period, giving you continued protection for longer.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Depending on the extended warranty type and its coverage level, it may encompass various mechanical and electrical components of your Polaris vehicle, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses for repairs.
  • Cost Savings: Repairing off-warranty vehicles can be expensive. With an extended warranty, you can save money by having the warranty provider cover eligible repair costs.

Can Ball Equipment extend your Polaris factory warranty?

YES, Suppose you are within your standard warranty OR received a promotional limited warranty at the time of purchase, which is still in effect. In that case, you are eligible to extend your coverage.

Get your FREE Polaris Extended Warranty QUOTE now.


What does the Polaris extended warranty Plan cover?

With over 1,500 parts covered, asking what isn’t covered is better. A Polaris extended warranty covers all mechanical and electrical failures, excluding worn items (batteries, belts, wheel bearings, etc…), abused units (mud or swamped units), neglected units, or cosmetic damages.

Please refer to the extended service contract for details and exclusions for your state.

What are the benefits of the Polaris Protection Plan?

  • Covered repairs become Polaris’ problem, not your unexpected expense.
  • Factory-trained service and genuine Polaris Parts at all authorized service locations.
  • Hassle-free claims processing.
  • Industry-leading coverage with multiple term options to choose from.

$1000 TRIP Interruption

Suppose your trip is interrupted by your machine’s Mechanical Breakdown. In that case, Polaris will reimburse the costs of meals, lodging, rental, or any other miscellaneous expenses, excluding gas and automotive repairs, up to $300 per trip!

Pickup Service & Vehicle Rental

Polaris will cover the pickup and delivery expenses of up to $50 to the nearest Polaris repair facility. Couple that with our vehicle rental discount, and you will be riding again soon!

Coverage on all Motorized Polaris Engineered® Accessories

Polaris Protection offers complete protection for your machine, including all Polaris Engineered motorized accessories. Ride with confidence. Polaris has you covered.

Can I cancel the Polaris warranty plan at any time?

Yes. Subject to refund terms and conditions. See state-specific extended service contract for details.

What happens if I sell or trade my unit?

Your POLARIS Protection Plan contract is transferable. See the contract for transfer instructions.

If I modify my unit, will my Polaris warranty Protection Plan contract still cover my unit?

Any repair costs or expenses due to damage caused by mechanical alterations made by You not using genuine manufacturer parts or accessories installed by a Seller or Authorized Servicer are not covered.

Can I transfer my Polaris ESC from one unit to another?

No, This plan cannot be transferred to different units.

How long do I have to purchase a Polaris extended warranty?

This offer is valid while the original manufacturer’s Warranty is in force.

What responsibilities do I have for maintaining my unit?

You must maintain your vehicle per the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules. Keep your receipts as proof of maintenance even if you perform the maintenance. If you do not have a copy of your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, please call Polaris at 800-765-2747 or locate your Owner’s Manual at https://www.polaris.com/en-us/owners-manuals/.

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