What Sound Bar should I buy

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Trail Star Audio

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Jul 28, 2021
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RZR Turbo, Ranger NorthStar

We get asked this question quite a bit because we sell quite a few different sound bars. This is a bit of info that might help you narrow it down.

I would say the Ecoxgear bars we sell are best bang for the buck type bar. Sound good, decently loud, 1 year warranty, people are pretty happy with them. Been a big seller. Wet Sounds is going to have the nicest fit and finish of any of the bars. 2 year warranty, slim design, clean sound but not a ton of mid bass in them. Powerbass is a high quality bar also, but fairly bulky, 2 year warranty. The Xl1250 is going to be the loudest bar we sell and they Powerbass bars do have a bit more mid bass then any of the others. All these bars come in multiple sizes. Bigger the bar basically more sound out put https://trailstaraudio.com/Sound-Bars_c_397.html

Any questions please let us know. We will do our best to answer anything we can.