We want to welcome TASK Manufacturing, LLC as our newest vendor!

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Nov 12, 2015
Side X Side(s)

2017 RZR XP4 1000 turbo


We set out to design a UTV specific trailer that could be stored at home, loaded! We were tired of paying for storage fees, having weather deteriorate our off-the-shelf trailer, having to plan our schedules around storage lot hours and worrying about theft or damage.

Prior to developing the TASK SS Series trailers, a typical weekend of riding went something like the following. Get off work early on Thursday and rush to the storage lot (expensive) to pick up the trailer before they closed (time consuming) hoping everything is ok with the trailer. Get home and park the trailer in the street or driveway, neither of which was allowed by the HOA or local ordinances (risky). Head off to work Friday hoping one of the neighbors doesn’t call the authorities about the trailer (again, possibly expensive). Home from work on Friday and rush around getting everything loaded, tied down and ready for the road (frustrating and time consuming). After the weekend of riding, reverse the entire process!

With the TASK trailers, load up and be ready to leave when YOU want to. Simply back up to the garage, couple up to the SS trailer and head off to the trails. The best part is when the ride is over, back the combination into the garage and worry about it another day!
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