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    SXSNation is a UTV Community that brings enthusiasts together regardless of brand, a place to find local rides, partake in discussion, buy or sell within a marketplace, or just rant about anything side by sides. Interact directly with top Vendors in the Industry, find exclusive discounts and specials and participate in monthly giveaways! If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for?
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SXS Nation Insanity
Nov 12, 2015

Side X Side Nations mission is to bring together all UTV enthusiasts into one community regardless of Brand or model of Side X Side. A place where rides can be organized, and important issues can be discussed. This is an all model page, please do not harass or make degrading comments aimed at other brands. We want this to be a friendly place to hang out in at all times.

1. This is a family friendly group, so no x-rated materials and keep your language suitable for all ages. No swearing whatsoever will be allowed.

2. This is a Multi-brand site, you can disagree, but please don't fight/argue with your fellow members. Bashing of other brands/models will not be tolerated. Absolutely No screen names bashing a brand or model will be allowed. Offending remarks will be removed.

3. Links to products by members will be allowed for information purposes only and must not be used to sell. An example of what would be allowed would be a link to say, a skid plate that you have found and looks good.

4. Absolutely NO links to businesses that are not Side X Side Nation Sponsors will be allowed in your signature line. Violations will be removed immediately and without explanation. Repeat offenders will be removed from participation in the forum.

5. Only sponsor may advertise products in Side X Side Nation. You cannot show photos, give prices or otherwise promote a product commercially or in quantity that you are selling, manufacturing or have any monetary interest in, unless you are a Side X Side Nation Sponsor.
Member classifieds are for personal items you wish to sell.

6. Absolutely NO BUSINESS links or names are allowed for your forum user name unless you are a Sponsor.

7. NO SPAMMING of e-mails will be allowed for any reason. If the e-mail of members are used to send out solicitations for business, for ANY reason, that company/business/member will be removed immediately and without comment or warning. NO EXCEPTIONS.

8. Use of the Side X Side Nation name or logo, (in whole, or in part), is prohibited unless specifically authorized by Side X Side Nation administration.

9. No use of the Side X Side Nation name when complaining directly to any manufacturer. No petitions started or collected utilizing Side X Side Nations name in any way without prior approval of the of Side X Side Nation administration. Petitions of any kind or organizing members for group complaints or legal action will not be allowed without prior approval of the Side X Side Nation administration. This includes using polls or Side X Side Nation Forum based PMs to contact members.

10. No seeking special discounts or free product using the name of Side X Side Nation in any fashion without prior Administrator approval.

11. No posting links to forums, Facebook, or any other group in competition with Side X Side Nation in signature lines or posts.

12. Duplicate content is not allowed. Do not post identical posts in multiple sections of the forum, please find the the forum that fits your post best.
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